About me

Hi there! I am a computer scientist broadly interested in software engineering, operating systems, and static program analysis. I moved to Germany after my Bachelor’s degree to pursue a Master+PhD program at Max Planck Institute for software systems (MPI-SWS): in this program, students study for courses while working on research projects. After obtaining my Master’s degree in Germany, I traveled to London for a three months internship at Meta, where I worked as a software engineer on the Infer project.

My research at MPI-SWS

I worked in the field of real-time systems. In any operating system, functional correctness is important, but in a real-time system also timing correctness is essential. Real-time systems are typically safety-critical systems where timing bugs can have catastrophic consequences (for example, airplanes and cars). To ensure timing correctness, different types of timing analysis have been developed.

The real-time systems team works on the novel real-time operating system TOROS. Part of the mission of TOROS is to ensure, by design, that timing analysis is used to analyze the system behavior without requiring the user to have real-time expertise. To this end, we had many different sub-projects. For my project, I built DMXtrace: a tool in Rust that performs timing analysis at runtime on Linux systems. The long-term goal is to port DMXtrace and make it become part of TOROS.